Late yesterday I remembered that we bought the 1994 300ZX in mid May 1995 (maybe on May 16, but cannot easily locate the sales receipt from Continental although it is here somewhere) through a friends and family discount that was posted at Nissan Forklift where Jamie worked.  Also I looked in a photo album that Bob made of the "transformation" of the what was then a brown 1977 280Z that we purchased from a neighbor who was in the WCZC.  That purchase date was May 1994.  We promised the neighbor that we would join the WCZC, so I think we joined right away in June 1994 and went to our first outing at the Illinois Railway Museum that started at, where else--Z's Pancake House in Glen Ellyn.  It only took us 22 years to finally join the Z Club, but we were active in Salt Creek Sports Car Club and then there is raising a family, work and a few things.

We purchased our first 1971 240Z in June 1971, so May, June was "buyin a Z month".  When we bought the 240 you had to get on a waiting list as dealers only got 2 a month because the car was so popular.  I worked at a Datsun dealership when the Z came out, but with a baby coming we decided to wait one year.  Since we lived in Idaho Falls, Idaho where we jokingly said that there is only about 2 weeks of summer, we got on the list in March 1971 before anyone was thinking sports cars and got our Z in early June.  It was a fairly short time to wait as some of you might remember.  The price was sticker ($3596) and no color choice. When it came in you said I'll take it or wait for the next one.  Luckily for us it was white and started our long string of white cars in the family.  We immediately joined a sports car club in Idaho Falls after buying the 240Z and then moved to Chicagoland in --guess what?--May 1972.   When arriving at the starting point for the Urban Oasis CruiZe on Sunday, I was thinking that my "old" 300ZX was outnumbered by all of the 350-370 Zs and maybe it is time to upgrade.  It is still May.............

The point of this is that the red 1994 300ZX celebrated it's 15th birthday touring with it's Z friends on Sunday, but it feels the same as the first day we brought it home.  It would be hard to part with this car for many reasons.  I know many of you feel the same way about your Z

Thanks to Bob & Marlene for planning my Z's birthday party!

Linda S.